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Versatile, Cartoning & Case Packing Solutions for Contract Packagers

PMI KYOTO provides high-quality, flexible cartoning and case packing solutions that meet a variety of packaging demands-short to long runs, simple to complex applications, and various speeds. We provide flexible and scalable packaging machine solutions that can adapt to any production level.

Whether you need a smaller, hand-load solution or a fully-automated machine to boost production speed, PMI KYOTO has a solution. We work with you to build a reliable packaging machine for your specific needs and a trusting relationship based on quality, reliable equipment and service.

PMI KYOTO is proud to offer one of the most diversified product lines in the industry designed to grow and expand with your operations.

Hand Load Cartoners For Easy, Flexible Integration

PMI KYOTO offers hand load cartoning solutions, in both horizontal or vertical orientation, when lower production speeds and runs are required. Our cartoning systems help keep your line efficient.

    • Boost production rates while being cost efficient
    • Quick and easy changeover with minimal downtime between product runs
    • Easily automate later with robots or infeeds that seamlessly integrate

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Fully-Automated Cartoning Solutions For Speed and Efficiency

If your line requires high-speed, fast production runs, PMI KYOTO offers fully-automated cartoning solutions. Our vertical and horizontal cartoners are designed for your specific application.

    • All models available in intermittent or continuous motion
    • Servo-driven rotary carton setup
    • High-speed rotary carton feeder and carton sealing with Nordson glue system
    • Adjustable spindles for quick changeovers
    • And more

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Reliable, Refurbished Equipment For Quick Delivery

PMI KYOTO refurbishes used packaging machines to meet quick delivery needs and provide cost savings. We fully clean and restore machines ensuring they perform up to PMI KYOTO's strict quality standards.

    • Fully refurbished with the latest controls
    • Complete testing and diagnostics performed
    • Customized systems to specific applications
    • Updated documentation and machine warranty included
    • Leasing options available

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